Applications open to win a one-day intensive digital story lab

The Australian Writers' Guild has announced today that it is now accepting applications for its Interactive, Multiplatform and Narrative Games Development Lab.
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Applicants can submit a three-page summary of their storyworld between now and Monday 20th October, as long as they're members of the guild. What they'll receive in turn is one of five day-long intensive workshops with prominent digital narrative figures, at the end of which they should have a project suitable to pitch, development plan and concept documents to seek further funding.

The labs will be run by Mike Jones, Head of Story Development for Portal Entertainment, Ester Harding, an award-winning multiplatform producer, Troy Bellchambers, one of the Directors of Adelaide-based company Monkeystack, and Alan Chen, a Production Designer and Storyboard Artist who works in film and television.

The Australian Writers' Guild is looking for the usual mobility of the narratives submitted to cross platforms, but also has a strong sense of and role for the intended audience, and will aim to refine the winning ideas over the course of the labs into concepts ready for development.

Full guidlines for those interested in applying can do so here.


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