Artomatix announces automatic texture generation tool Materialize

Cloud-based service uses AI to avoid repeats and seam artifacts linked to tiling by dynamically creating assets
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A tech startup hopes to take the work out of creating textures for games.

Artomatix has launched Materialize, a service that claims to be the “first solution that automatically generates textures”.

The cloud-based platform uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate assets for 3D models and environments, avoiding repeats and seam artifacts associated with tiling.

The system is based on sample inputs, with a smaller selection of example assets being used by the software to generate potentially unlimited variations.

Currently compatible with Photoshop and Unity, Artomatix says Materialize will add support for artists to scan textures from nature and paint directly on models in the future.

Materialize will also be bolstered with the planned release of Artomatix Populate, which aims to apply the same dynamic generation of content to the creation of 3D characters and worlds.