Audiokinetic teams up with Emergent

Audio tech firm signs exclusivity deal with game engine company
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Audiokinetic has joined Emergent's Premier Partners program in an exclusive deal that sees the company become the only audio partner for the Gamebryo vendor.

The partnership 'includes technical and commercial aspects that address the business and creative needs of game developers' the two said in an announcement

Specifically access to Wwise, Audiokinetic’s audio pipeline solution, is to be expanded. The tool is already integrated with Gamebryo, but is to be closer integrated in the coming months. Game developers will be able to 'focus on their audio objective out-of-the-box, with no additional audio specific development required' said Audiokinetic's announcement.

Commercially, Emergent is now allowed to sell Audiokinetic’s audio pipeline solution to its customers as part of a complete package including Wwise and Gamebryo - the firm can also sell a standalone version of Wwise to non-Gamebryo customers.

“Wwise and Gamebryo give developers a highly-integrated set of creative tools that take what consumer see and hear in games to a new level,” said Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent. “This partnership will allow us to offer a complete next generation technology solution to help developers create breakthrough games more efficiently than ever before.”

André Nadeau, president and CEO, Audiokinetic, commented: “Emergent’s distribution channel will facilitate the deployment of Wwise. By joining forces, we’ll deliver an unprecedented value of affordable and powerful solutions to game developers.”



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