Audiokinetic's launches new SoundSeed module

GDC 09: Air to offer more realistic wind and 'swoosh' audio effects
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Audiokinetic has used GDC 09 to unveil its latest SoundSeed audio effect module, named Air.

The addition to the SoundSeed product family offers a sound generator for game audio specially designed to deliver more realistic wind-based effects. The new module involves two source plug-ins. The first is called “Wind” and creates dynamic ambiances that are never repeated while the second, “Swoosh” produces short air displacement effects such as sword slashes or wing flaps.

“Creating products like SoundSeed is really exciting,” commented Jacques Deveau, program manager, Audiokinetic. “We develop cutting-edge technology while contributing to push the limits of game audio. This is very rewarding, and we definitely want to remain the key innovators of the industry.”

The prototype of SoundSeed Air is currently available for demos at GDC, with the final product due to be released later this year.