Audiomotion contributes to Far Cry 3 and Forza Horizon

Mo-cap service had to 'push the boundaries' of tech to achieve creators' visions
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Audiomotion, one of Europe’s leading motion capture studios for video games, movies and television, has provided its service for Far Cry 3 and Forza Horizon.

The UK motion capture outfit set up a 70 camera location system from its 162 camera inventory, on a soundstage to record two days worth of full performance capture for Far Cry 3’s multiplayer campaign.

As part of the campaign, a cinematic trailer was also cast and captured by Audiomotion, this time on its 15 x 15 metre stage located in Oxford.

For Forza Horizon, motion capture took place over six days and included two days of cutscene work with a cast of seven actors.

The in-game animation featured a number of crowd sequences, background characters and driver moves. Over the course of the project a number of working car props were recreated by the prop team at Audiomotion, including the classic Dodge Charger 69 and Mercedes SL65 AMG – all made to scale from a series of models and real car dimensions.

“2012 saw some of most demanding and creatively-challenging projects we’ve ever worked on,” said Mick Morris, managing director of Audiomotion.

“We’ve had to genuinely push the boundaries of current technology to bring our clients’ visions to life, with our video game work matching anything needed for film or TV in terms of full performance capture and the complexity of the animation we’ve created.

“We’re always striving to improve our combination of technology and artistry and as we go from strength to strength, we’re really looking forward to building on the level of service we can deliver by developing new and innovative techniques for motion capture in 2013 and beyond.”

Audiomotion has provided its services on Spec Ops: The Line and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier earlier, and now has more than 70 titles under its belt.

Ubisoft recently announced its own motion capture studio for its Toronto office.


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