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Austrailian development community an 'untapped resource'

Creative Assembly's Antipodean operation talks console RTSs with Develop
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In an interview with Develop, Creative Assembly Australia's studio communication manager Vispi Bhopti has described the country's games industry as an 'untapped resource'.

"Australia has a very vibrant development community, with a lot of talent and some great ideas," enthused Bhopti, when speaking about the forthcoming release of Creative Assembly's new console RTS Stormrise.

"We are however not immune to the international economic climate, so, just like the rest of the world, there is growing pressure on studios. But in general, Australia is still very much an untapped resource with great potential for future growth."

Bhopti also touched on the ongoing battle for Australian tax breaks: "The local arm of the IDGA has been lobbying the Australian government for a while to get the same tax breaks that the Australian film industry currently enjoys. This is something we obviously support and look forward to, but it is a battle that is still being fought.

To read the full interview, which includes opinions on the rise of the console RTS and details about Stormrise, click here.


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