Autodesk drops price of Maya LT 2015

Animation and modelling tool now available for $30 per month
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Animation and modelling tool now available for $30 per month
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The 2015 edition of Maya LT has seen its price slashed by $20, making it more affordable to indie devs.

The animation and modelling software from Autodesk is now available for $30 per month, down from $50 – which, the company points out, is less than a dollar per day. Unless you're in February, of course. In the UK, it now costs £25 per month.

Maya LT was first launched as an entry-level version of Maya, designed so that indie developers and smaller studios could afford one of Autodesk's leading tools. The tools provider recently released Maya LT on Steam as well, allowing hobbyists to create their own content for titles like League of Legends.

This is the latest in a series of moves to make Autodesk's products more accessible to indies. Last month, we spoke to Autodesk's director of game solutions Frank Delise about how and why the firm is targeting the indie market.