Autodesk focusing on 'character-centric middleware'

Giant tech company building out middleware solutions with emphasis on unified workflow
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Tool firm Autodesk has revealed a focus on fleshing out its middleware offering with a special drive in improving interactive performance technology.

Speaking to Develop as part of our ongoing profile of the Canadian games industry, Leonard Teo, games product marketing manager at Autodesk has detailed the company's plans to expand its offering in the coming months.

 “We’ll keep delivering powerful art tools," confirmed Teo. "We’re also building out our middleware solutions – the focus is on character-centric middleware. We want to make it easier to create amazing, interactive character performances. Our vision is for a unified workflow where art tools work harmoniously with run-time technology.”

In the same feature, Tao also talks about the benefits of Canada's infamously thriving games industry for firms like Autodesk..

“I think that in general, Canada is positioned well for tech companies because people actually want to live and work in Canada, and the business and legal environment is conducive for companies," he said.

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