Autodesk joins Epic's IPP

HumanIK and Kynapse get UE3 integrations
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Autodesk has joined Epic's Integrated Partners Program, providing UE3 integrations of its HumanIK and Kynapse middleware solutions.

While Kynapse has previously been integrated with UE3 before Autodesk's acquisition of Kynogon, HumanIK's run-time IK solver is now available to those using Epic's engine - giving the firm a two-pronged attack for enabling characters that 'animate dynamically with 3D navigation and spatial reasoning.'

"Epic constantly pushes the technology behind Unreal Engine 3, and working with renowned partners like Autodesk is critical to providing our licensees with best in class development tools," said Dr. Michael Capps, president of Epic Games. "Autodesk is a leader in 3D design software for games, and we are pleased to welcome them to the Integrated Partners Program."

“Autodesk is working to help game designers create the most realistic characters possible,” said Michel Kripalani, director of business development, Games Technology Group at Autodesk.

Believable characters have life-like movement and can navigate their environments intelligently. Integrating HumanIK, along with Kynapse, into UE3 makes it much easier for publishers and developers to achieve this level of realism, which is demanded by gamers today.”