Autodesk steps in to sponsor Game Jam

Global game design event kicks off in a few hours
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International technology and tools group Autodesk is to sponsor this year’s Global Game Jam, which kicks off in a matter of hours across the world.

Nearly 5,000 developers expected to take part in the event.

Keita Takahashi, the distinguished creator of Katamari Damacy, is to provide an opening keynote speech to kick-start the event.

Organisers have also ensured his opening address will be broadcast “live” over YouTube.

The global game design event begins Friday, Jan 28th at 5PM New Zealand Daylight Time.

A record 39 nations will be participating in the third annual Global Game Jam, and will again bring together groups of aspiring developers to build their own new game in just a single weekend.

The ‘jam’ takes place simultaneously across different places around the world, from the US to Israel, to the UK, to South Korea, to Spain, to 2022 World Cup Bid winner Qatar.

All participants are given similar tasks and guidelines in which to build their game under, and one of the lessons learned from the first Global Game Jam was how the same restrictions can yield wildly different results from diverse nations and cultures.