Avalanche and Emote ready The Hunter

Just Cause developer partners with hunting authority as online game nears end of beta
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Online gun-sports simulator The Hunter is nearing beta, as online publisher Emote and developer Avalanche have secured a partnership with Boone and Crockett, America’s premier hunting organisation.

The Hunter, which uses Avalanche’s engine and Emote’s Participate technology, offers free online gameplay combined with social networking aspects.

“The partnership with Boone and Crockett communicates our level of commitment to producing the most authentic hunting experience possible,” said Morgan O’Rahilly, Emote Games CEO.

“To have on board an institution with the history, expertise, and industry wide respect that Boone and Crockett possess, we know that we have an obligation to them and hunters everywhere to get it right.”

Those looking to register for beta can sign up on the game’s website.