Avalanche unveils new game engine

Swedish studio debuts version 2.0 of in-house tech at TGS
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Just Cause developer Avalanche has finished work on version 2.0 of its eponymous in-house engine.

The new version of the Avalanche Engine - which powered the studio's first game Just Cause, released last year - has been architected exclusively for next-gen platforms and can simulate scalable landscapes and high-end characterisation, plus different climate zone effects for environments.

Avalanche is debuting the engine at the Tokyo Game Show this week.

Christofer Sundburg, Avalanche Studios CEO said: "Ultimately the engine will enable us to create games of epic scale and with great variation across genres and artistic styles for the next generation of gaming experiences. The latest screen shots speak for themselves, with detail that has never before been seen in characterisation and game landscaping."