Babel to move into art outsourcing

MD of popular services company tells Develop about company expansion
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Babel Media intends to widen its service offer to include art production facilities, says its MD Algy Williams.

Asset production will join a busy slate of Babel duties that includes its well-known QA and localization services, mobile porting and testing, audio facilities and marketing services.

"The biggest opportunity for us is art and graphics," explained Williams in an interview published in the latest issue of Develop, out today.

"We have very close client relationship ad we understand the industry and know how to work with games companies from around the world. So we'll be moving into that sector."

The company has offices in Brighton and London, UK, Montreal, Canada and New Delhi, India to handle the other services it offers mentioned above – Williams would not say how or where the Babel art base may be located, although implied it could be one or all of its current offices.

"The best approach will be to have the high end capability and teams in the West combined with a much larger capability in India or China," he said.

"It's the on-shore/near-shore/off-shore model – you might have a small art team on the US West Coast, then another team in Montreal who are supported by a big team in the East or Eastern Europe."

Of the overall move to include art outsourcing, he added: "I think it will really complement what we do."


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