Batman: Arkham Asylum to use PhysX

Developer Rocksteady uses Nvidia's physics tech
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Develop's most wanted game of the month - new PC, 360 and PS3 game Batman: Arkham Asylum - will be powered by Nvidia's PhysX tech when it arrives at the end of August.

The game, which puts players in the role of The World's Greatest Detective, will utilise the GPU tech to drive the overall look of the game and according to Nvidia and developer Rocksteady 'create an immersive and believable world'.

Volumetric fog, environmental effects and character animation all draw on PhysX throughout the game.

“Supporting NVIDIA PhysX technology has allowed us to add that little bit extra to the PC version of the game,” commented Sefton Hill, game director at Rocksteady Studios

“As Batman interacts with the world, the aging asylum creates a more immersive, believable world which really draws the player in.”