Battlefield dev DICE hiring for next-gen

EA studio joins triple-A developers Rockstar and Infinity Ward in openly recruiting for new consoles
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Battlefield developer EA DICE is hiring for work on next-generation consoles, according to a new job listing from the studio.

As unearthed by GameSpot, the company is looking for a senior software engineer to work on its Frostbite engine, with “tasks that might include keeping track of performance, memory and optimising for current and next-gen”.

Whilst the news is unsurprising, given the developer’s blockbuster success with the Battlefield franchise, DICE becomes the latest triple-A studio to openly take on staff for next-gen development.

The company joins the likes of Rockstar and Infinity Ward in disclosing its new console development plans.

Nintendo’s Wii U is due to release latest this year, reportedly in mid-November, whilst the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, which have yet to be officially unveiled, are expected to release in 2013 and 2014.