BBC opens up Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing to aspiring game makers

New Maker Kits to be published over the coming weeks
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To kick off the BBC’s Make It Digital campaign the media organisation has launched a new website that lets people make games based on its most popular TV shows.

Called Mixital, users can create games, stories and music based on Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing and EastEnders. Maker kits, which will use a simple drag and drop function, will be published over the coming weeks.

The project stems from a previous game making tool called Technobabble, which attracted an audience of under-12s who made some 250,000 games.

"We are handing over creativity tools and BBC assets to the audience, and they can make their own BBC," said BBC head of digital creativity Martin Wilson.

You can find more information on the BBC’s Make it Digital campaign on the official website.