Behind the scenes of Battlefield Bad Company's audio production

Latest of Develop's Heard about columns chats to EA DICE's audio team
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We've just posted up the latest in our popular monthly Heard About columns by independent audio director John Broomhall - this month's instalment looks at the work done on EA DICE's upcoming Battlefield Bad Company.

In the piece Broomhall speaks with David Möllerstedt, head of audio, and audio director Stefan Strandberg to discover the lengths the DICE team went to for the new Battlefield's next-gen outing.

With the game built on a brand new engine, the two took the opportunity to "ensure a well-integrated sound functionality". This includes a soundtrack that mixes original orchestral content with music that plays on the radios of in-game vehicles, and a number of sound effects recorded from the Swedish army's own war exercises.

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