Bejeweled celebrates 10th birthday

Pioneering PopCap game passes 50 million unit sales
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Defining social title Bejeweld is celebrating ten years since its first release, with PopCap announcing the game has surpassed 50 million unit sales.

PopCap says that makes Bejeweled one of the ten best-selling videogames of all time, with a new copy bought about every four seconds.

And the social game studio has now kicked off a 10-month long celebration of the title, with a series of promotions and events set to take place throughout the remainder of the year.

This year PopCap will introduce new editions of Bejeweled, as well as hold the first-ever community-wide competition for Bejeweled Blitz.

“Bejeweled has obviously succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,” said Jason Kapalka, co-creator of the game and PopCap chief creative officer.

“When Brian Fiete, John Vechey and I built the game ten years ago, we had no grand aspirations for it or PopCap, we were trying to survive as a company during the depths of the dot-com collapse. Little did we know we’d still be selling copies of Bejeweled a decade later!”