Bioware Austin picks Wwise

Audiokineticâ??s audio engine to be used for upcoming MMO
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BioWare Austin's licensing of external technology shows no signs of slowing, with the studio now choosing Audiokinetic’s Wwise audio middleware.

“Wwise provided our team with a sophisticated and complete audio development tool for our online game experience,” said Gordon Walton, co-studio director, BioWare Austin.

“We wanted a complete authoring environment that would facilitate the development of a rich audio experience, and we’ve found Wwise to be a great fit.”

The studio has chosen the tech for its upcoming massively multiplayer title, specifically picking Wwise because of the input the studio feels they have in the future developments in the solution. “Over the time, our online game will evolve and so will our needs, “said Walton. “We see Audiokinetic as a excellent partner who has the capability to bring us more tools in the future that will help us create an unrivalled gaming experience.”