Bizarre Rockets back to XBLA fuelled by EA

EA's casual games imprint and Bizarre Creations have teamed up for a new Xbox Live Arcade title, Boom Boom Rocket.
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The rhythm music game was conceived by the design team and produced by Bizarre Creations.

It's EA's first Xbox Live Arcade game, and clearly it wanted to aim-high for its debut: Bizarre was behind Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, one of the first games available for the 360 version of the service and a firm favourite and best seller to this day. It also won the studio a Develop Industry Excellence Award in July 2006 for Best Use of Online.

With credit shared between EA's Pogo and independent Bizarre, the production of the new title sounds like a truly collaborative production - the game itself asks players to trigger firework explosions the beat of 10 original music tracks put together by UK composer Ian Livingstone.

“We're enjoying working with EA to create this unique Xbox Live Arcade experience”, said Martyn Chudley, Managing Director of Bizarre Creations.

“Our teams love both working and playing on Xbox Live Arcade, and we're looking forward to releasing another innovative title on this platform with Boom Boom Rocket.”


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