Black Forest Games acquired by THQ Nordic

The Giana Sisters developer also sells IPs after founders are brought out by the Austrian publisher
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German developer Black Forest Games has been acquired by Austrian publishers THQ Nordic. The deal sees all five founders of the company selling 100 per cent of their shares, according to a report from Gematsu.

The studio, which came to be following the demise of Spellbound Entertainment in 2012, will also include a number of its IPs in a separate deal, including Helldorado, Rouge Stormers and Giana Sisters. The latter is the developers most well known title with Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams released game back in 2012 on multiple platforms.

Rouge Stormers was at the centre of a trademark dispute in 2015 following clothing brand Diesel's lawsuit against the IPs original name, DieselStormers.

THQ Nordic, formerly Nordic Games, has worked with the studio previously and have already said that the studio is working on a new project for PC and consoles, although no details have been disclosed. The studio currently employs 50 people, who are all expected to stay on and continue to operate as they had done previously, including the five founders who sold their shares in the company.