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Black Rock initially â??nervousâ?? about Disney acquisition

Pure developer provides frank retrospective on life after independence
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In a candid feature written for Develop, Black Rock Studios’ production director Alice Guy has revealed the game maker’s approach to its work, and detailed the problems in place before Disney Interactive acquired the Brighton-based company.

“Although many in the studio were nervous about Disney’s arrival, the acquisition was a huge momentum for change,” confessed Guy. “It provided a clean slate, a chance to reshape the studio. Crucially we’ve been entrusted with creative control, and we’re able to have open and honest communication with our publisher. Disney also buys into having focused products which is great.”

In the same feature, Guy addresses the merits of streamlining the number of SKUs supported, the restrictions on freedom independence imposes, and the unlikely inspiration Gordon Ramsey provides.

To read Guy’s full retrospective on Black Rock Studios, click here.



Black Rock retrospective

In this frank retrospective on the production of the studioâ??s first new IP for Disney, Disney Black Rock production director Alice Guy examines the teamâ??s approach to embracing â??focused developmentâ?? processesâ?¦