Blade moves into middleware

Manchester-based studio to licence out its InfiniteWorlds development system.
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Following the unveiling of its next-gen game Hydrophobia, built on its Hydroengine technology, Blade Interactive has announced its intentions to become a middleware provider.

InfiniteWorlds Game Creation Suite has been used to help build Hydrophobia as well, and interfaces with the Hydroengine. It's ultimate aim is to aid designers as they make changes to game environments.

"The new generation calls for new ways of thinking,” explained Gary Leach, Blade’s development director

“InfiniteWorlds is the most comprehensive, flexible and powerful game creation tool available; it places the designers in the driving seat and at the same time unifies the whole production process.

"InfiniteWorlds is more than just a level editor, it is an underlying architecture, which can interface with bespoke editors tailored to individual game projects. It provides real-time visualisation on whatever target platform the project requires, with immediate turnaround for brainstorming ideas – design it, build it and then try it out immediately in-game and on-platform.

"With InfiniteWorlds GCS, the editor and data store are separate, providing maximum data security and automatic backups of every change to the game environment. What’s more, multiple users can work in the same level at the same time, with ID tagging and full history management by ID.”



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