Blade sharpens HydroEngine

Blade Interactive has taken the wraps off its new HydroEngine, which offers physically accurate real-time fluid dynamics simulation.
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The engine is the centrepiece of a new PS3/360 survival adventure game Blade is producing called Hydrophobia. The studio previously produced the World Snooker Championship series of games for Sega.

“Our HydroEngine is the result of nearly 3 years intensive development work," commented Dr Huw Lloyd, Blade's R&D director. “Water in games has so far been merely a flat plane with ripple effects and other graphical smoke and mirrors applied to it. The HydroEngine is different in one key respect - the water flows. It looks and behaves exactly like real water. Nothing like this has ever been seen in games before.”

He added: “We could have been forgiven if we had merely produced a tech demo, but this new game is a robust next gen game in its own right that pushes the limits of the new consoles.”


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Sharpened 'Blade

UK mobile developer FinBlade has just released the casual-orientated Movie Quiz, its fourth title for AppleĆ¢??s iPhone, with previous iPhone games from the UK start-up studio including Tennis Slam, Ernie Els Golf 2008 (published with Player One) and the top 10 Apple App Store hit Wordsearch.