Blair says games makers need 'social responsibility'

UK's outgoing Prime Minister wades into Resistance row
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Prime Minister Tony Blair has voiced his opinions on the controversy surrounding Sony, the Church and Resistance: Fall of Man after being pressed on the matter by fellow Labour MP Tony Lloyd at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Lloyd asked: “Would the Prime Minister agree with me then that when Sony used images of Manchester Cathedral as part a game which extols gun violence, this was not only in bad taste but also very, very insulting to not simply the Church of England, but people across the land?”

The Prime Minister responded: “I think it's important that any of the companies engaged in promoting these types of goods have some sense of responsibility and also some sensitivity to the feelings of others.

“This is an immensely difficult area, the relationship between what happens with these games and its impact on young people. I think it is important that people understand there is a wider social responsibility as well as an interior responsibility for profits.”


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