Blendo Games releases Quadrilateral Cowboy source code

Code includes solution files for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
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quadrilateral cowboy.png

The developer behind Quadrilateral Cowboy has now released the game’s source code for other studios to explore and learn from.

Blendo Games’ latest release is a cyberpunk puzzle title that sees players hacking through security systems using an old 56.6k modem in a series of digital heists. It has already won multiple awards, and critical acclaim from a variety of outlets.

Quadrilateral Cowboy was built on a modified version of Id Software’s idTech4 engine, GamaSutra reports – that's the same engine behind Doom 3, Quake 4, Brink and the original Prey. The source code is available at Blendo’s website.

The code itself is written in C++, but includes the solution files for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. The download weighs in at just 12MB.

Quadrilateral Cowboy is available for PC now, with Mac and Linux versions due this September.