Blitz lends students a helping hand

Warwickshire College gets one-to-one time with Blitz developers.
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Students currently sitting a BTEC National Diploma in Games Development at Warwickshire College have been given the chance to call on support from a team at Blitz Games.

The developer has set students a project that involves designing and modelling a game character – and will make staff available for hand on help, as well as offering them a chance to tour the studio, explains a report at icCoventry.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to encourage the next generation of game developers through this initiative,” Blitz’ CEO Philip Oliver said.

Andrew Brazier, the college's games development course manager, added: "I'm really excited about working alongside Blitz on this project. They are able to offer the students unrivalled access to inside tips and techniques, and they have been immensely helpful with the development of this competition brief.

"It is vital that courses such as this prepare students with skills and learning that are relevant to an ever-changing industry.



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