Blitz's IndieCity portal 'up for grabs'

PC indie gaming operation impacted by Blitz closure. 'Likely purchasers' suggested
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In the wake of today's closure of Blitz Games Studios, sister outfit IndieCity is now available for purchase.

That's according to a new blog post on the IndieCity website, which has long served as a portal for consumers to access PC indie games.

"What does this mean for IndieCity?" said the statement of the Blitz closure. "In all honesty we simply don’t know. With IndieCity belonging to Blitz Games, it will now be up for grabs, and we can think of a few likely purchasers. But nothing is certain at the moment, so we’ll have to sit tight and see what happens."

As well as revealling there are interested purchases, the statement also informs developers with games on IndieCity that in the short term support and response to enquiries will be limited.