bluegfx offers discounted Mach Studio Pro v.2

25% off real-time GPU visualisation and rendering solutionâ??s RRP
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bluegfx has made the new real-time GPU visualisation and rendering solution Mach Studio Pro v.2 available at a special price of £2,499 excluding VAT.

The 25 per cent discount, available until August 31st this year, means Mach Studio Pro v.2 has become considerably more accessible. Those who opt to order MachStudio Pro v.2 will initially get MachStudio Pro v1.4, before automatically receiving v2.0 upon its release.

An online demonstration of the latest version of MachStudio Pro v.2, which now features Pixar RenderMan, and MetaSL and mental ray support, is set to take place on Tuesday 24th August at 4pm GMT. Interested parties can register for the demonstration here.

Mach Studio Pro v.2 introduces improved pipeline render functionality, DirectX 11-based workflow, volumetric and screen space global illumination, spot and directional lights, increased python support and workflow improvements.

More information is available at the bluegfx website.