Boastful Ryse crunch tweet opens quality of life debate

Developers lash out at studio for poor management and treatment of staff
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Crytek has risked the wrath of the development community after the Twitter account for Ryse: Son of Rome claimed the team had been crunching to ship the title in time for the Xbox One launch.

The game's Twitter account joked the team had worked through 11,500 dinners throughout development.

Another Tweet noted the development team had "been working into the nights" to ensure the game was shipped on time.

In response, dozens of developers hit out at the company through the hashtag #RyseFacts for poor project planning and management, and "stealing away developers' personal time".

One game artist, Tanya Kan, said: "So much for being progressive, moving the industry forward with good management and work-life balance practices."

She added: "While crunches are endemic for the entire industry, that tone of pride is galling, twisted against health of creatives."

Eufloria co-creator Alex May tweeted: "@RyseGame How big is your team? I am trying to calculate the amount of abuse they have been subjected to."

Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak also stated: "At best crunch shows our inability to control our passion and at worst it is forced labor. Never something to brag about."

What do you think about development crunch? Is it an acceptable part of the industry? Or is there an issue with project management and unrealistic expectations? Let us know.