Bomb threat at Gearbox HQ

Borderlands studio boss Randy Pitchford tweets photos of bomb disposal robot
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bomb disposal.png

A car bomb threat was issued to the building that Gearbox Software, creator of the Borderlands series, is based in.

Studio boss Randy Pitchford tweeted a series of updates from the dev's HQ in Piano, Texas. Bomb disposal units were dispatched to the office building to deal with a suspected car bomb threat, during which Pitchford was advised not to go back to his own car as he was parked too close to the danger zone.

The police eventually gave the all clear, but did not give any more details of the threat. Pitchford stressed on Twitter that he had not called in the threat.

It's not 100 per cent clear whether Gearbox was the business being targeted, as the studio shares a building with several other companies.

Check out some of Pitchford's tweets below: