Borderlands 2 lead writer leaves Gearbox

Anthony Burch departing to work on Hulu series, but still involved in games development
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The lead writer on Gearbox's popular Borderlands 2 is leaving the studio to work in broadcasting.

Anthony Burch will become head writer on a new Hulu-exclusive TV show by Lionsgate Television and RocketJump, the company behind YouTube series Video Game High School, according to GamesIndustry. He has worked with Gearbox for more than four and a half years.

Burch announced the move via Twitter, adding that he will be relocating from Gearbox's home in Piano, Texas to Los Angeles, California.

"Thank you to everyone who was sweet and supportive of the stuff I helped contribute to at Gearbox," he tweeted. "You made my life better.

"I'm still gonna do videogames stuff on the side, so don't start popping champagne or anything."