Braben: Still no Milo & Kate tech in Kinectimals

Frontier Developments boss reiterates lack of Lionhead work in upcoming title
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David Braben has again said that his studio’s upcoming title Kinectimals will not include any tech developed for the Lionhead project Milo & Kate.

Speaking to VG247 during the Kinect launch party in London last night, the Frontier boss was asked what contribution Lionhead tech had made to the game, and responded “none at all”.

Braben previously attempted to end persistent tech crossover rumours in July of this year, saying that Kinectimals had been in development since before Milo & Kate was revealed.

“It is built using Frontier’s own technology shared with other Frontier games in development, and ideas evolved from earlier games like Dog’s Life,” he said.

“There has not been any involvement in the technology or design by Lionhead. Milo & Kate is a completely separate, and intriguing, development from Lionhead.”