Brain in a Jar gets EU rights for Indy 500 sim

British racing sim company to expand into European market
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An independent UK developer has aquired the EU rights for their Indianapolis 500 racing sim, allowing them to expand their title into European markets.

“We’re looking at every option we have for getting our Indianapolis racing sim into the EU market, where there’s a huge gap for high-quality historic racing titles,” said Carl Dalton, founder of Brain in A Jar.

The development team specializes in racing simulations, and has taken an historical angle rarely seen in racing sims by setting the game in the 1961-1971 era.

This era saw the shift away from front-engined roadsters to the mid-engined, downforce-fed racing machines of today.

The period also saw the rise of British manufacture cars on the American circuit, which should give the Chesire-based company a chance to highlight the heyday of their country's automotive industry.

“Gaining the EU publishing rights is a huge win for Brain in a Jar, as we want to bring this great game to a wider market," said Thomas Mills, producer for Brain in a Jar.



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