Brains Eden 2015 winners revealed

University of the West of England team take home Unity Licences, while NHTV student secures Guerrilla Games contract
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The organisers of Brain Eden have announced the winners of this year’s game jam, which took place at the weekend.

Once again held in Cambridge, the games festival attracted more than 100 students to compete in a 48-hour game jam, building new titles from scratch around this year’s theme: displacement.

The big winners were Red Fox R, a team from the University of the West of England, which took home a Unity licence for each member. In addition to winning Best Game, the team also won the prize for BE.Mobile 2015 – awarded to the students behind the best mobile game – for which each member received a new tablet, presented by ARM.

“We are ecstatic to have won both top prizes at this year’s Brains Eden,” said team leader Daniel Weston. “Getting recognition for our blood, sweat and tears over the game jam makes it worth doing. Brains Eden provides an amazing opportunity for gaming students and I would recommend any students to take part.”

Meanwhile, the prize for Best Jammer went to Timo Van Hugten, a student from Holland’s NHTV. He has received a six-month paid freelance contract at Guerrilla Games Cambridge.


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