Brianna Wu working on user-generated visual novel

Concept by Guild Wars 2 writer Anna Megill, will see players writing story content
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Giant Spacekat, the studio founded by Brianna Wu, is working on a new visual novel project where the story will revolve around user-generated content.

The idea was conceived by creative director Anna Megill – who previously wrote for titles such as Guild Wars 2 and Murdered: Soul Suspect – and aims to "create an entirely new category of interactive novel you can play on your tablet or phone", according to Eurogamer.

Rather than the studio creating a 'choose-your-own-adventure' game, Giant Spacekat will instead release tools that lets players write and release their own visual story content.

"Our goal is to empower everyone out there to tell their own stories, and unleash a new wave of games from people of colour, members of the GLBT community, people with disabilities," Wu wrote on the studio's blog. "Our long-term goal is to replace TWINE."

The project is also partly designed to create a game that women will enjoy, with Wu observing that women drive both the books and paid apps markets.

Wu also mentioned that Giant Spacekat is hiring, looking for marketing professionals, 2D/3D artists and people willing to learn how to use Unreal Engine 4.


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