Bright outlook for episodic gaming

American McGee predicts long future for segmented downloadable content
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Speaking to Develop about the suitability of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 for making downloadable games, American McGee predicted a bright future for episodic gaming.

"Episodic content, or whatever it evolves into, will continue to be interesting to us – and our audience, I hope – for a long time," speculated McGee.

"There's definitely something worthwhile about the process and the result. Grimm is just another step in the evolution of the idea for how to build, distribute and consume games in an episodic fashion."

In the same feature, McGee discussed Unreal Engine 3 in depth, pointing to the ability to custom mod the engine, which allowed his team to 'old-school' the feel of the game, giving it a distinct look he compares to South Park.



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