Britain bounces back as studios expect growth

Survey finds majority of UK devs anticipate a more robust economic year
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The UK dev scene is shining bright with an air of optimism sweeping across the UK sector, according to new data.

A new survey of 104 developers and studios found that 59 per cent expect a workforce increase over the next six months.

Only 6 per cent believed their studio would decline.

And over half (54%) are more optimistic about their business prospects when compared to six months ago, while only 15 per cent were less hopeful.

The majority nevertheless expected development costs will rise. In light of a wider economic issue, 14 per cent said it is harder to borrow money from the banks.

But, as demonstrated today with two UK studios (one independent) topping the charts, Britain remains a force in game development.

The new data is available in a new study, called the Business Opinion Survey, made by trade association Tiga.

"Despite the UK's disappointing economic growth performance over the last six months, Tiga's latest Business Opinion Survey shows that there are tentative signs of optimism in the UK games industry," Tiga CEO Richard Wilson said.

"With the right support from the Government, the UK games industry has the potential to create more highly skilled jobs in the future.”



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