Brown to speak at Northern Exposure

Team 17’s Martyn Brown joins speakers list at May developer event.
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Martyn Brown, the studio director at UK developer Team 17, will be at hand to discuss the ongoing reinvention and exploitation of the Worms franchise at the upcoming Northern Exposure 07 developers event in York. The event takes place next month and activity has been building since its announcement last year.

As well as exploring the ongoing life of its popular multiplayer franchise, Brown will also be discussing the growing opportunities presented by digital distribution – both the benefits and the pitfalls.

“Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Store, Wii’s Virtual Console and the PC market provide dramatic new routes to consumers for developers, outside or alongside traditional publishing models,” Brown stated. “Being realistic, it’s obvious that digital distribution and online revenues will increasingly become a key component of independent development studio revenues.

“As with all publishing models, digital distribution is another basket in which to place an egg. I’d still recommend that Independent developers have the benefit of a few baskets to choose from – and ideally, more than one egg.”



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