Bungie considering Natal for new Halo game

The studioâ??s president hints that Reach could employ Microsoftâ??s new motion-sensing tech
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Washington-based indie powerhouse Bungie may soon be turning its attentions to Project Natal, with Studio President Harold Ryan even going as far as saying that an upcoming Halo game could use the tech.

“I absolutely think [Halo] Reach could be enabled with [Project Natal]," Ryan told The Seattle Times.

Bungie is currently working on Halo: ODST – the studio’s first project since becoming independent back in 2007 – but during Microsoft’s recent E3 press conference the developer confirmed rumours of a new Halo project in the works, currently entitled Halo Reach.

It is unclear how Reach would be employing motion control, if at all.

The prospect of a motion-controlled Halo FPS may be a little premature; the Halo franchise has deviated outside of the FPS genre before. Defunct studio Ensemble was responsible for the console RTS Halo Wars, while rumours of handheld and mobile editions of the franchise have circulated for years.

Halo Reach is set for release some time in 2010.