Bungie unveils Halo Reach

E3 â??09 Rumoured project announced at Microsoftâ??s E3 press conference, â??2010â?? release date set
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Bungie has broken silence on its secret Xbox 360 project, Halo Reach.

Speaking at Microsoft’s E3 event in Los Angeles, Bungie’s Joe Staten revealed that Reach will land on the Xbox 360 in 2010.

Furthermore, those who purchase a copy of upcoming Halo title ODST will be allowed to take part in Reach’s multiplayer beta.

The existence of Reach has been speculated for a number of days, with an achievements page already set up on the Xbox website as well as a brief mention on the official Bungie forums.

Contrary to the mood when Bungie decided to loosen ties with Microsoft, the developer did not announce any game that went beyond the Halo franchise.

The announcement followed a brief play-through of ODST, punctuated with the announcement that the title will be released on September 22 worldwide.