Buzz coming to Home

Watch the video: Sonyâ??s online service bolstered by a virtual variant of Relentlessâ?? popular quiz game
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Playstation Home is continuing to expand with a new space centred on Relentless Software’s popular trivia title Buzz.

In what could quite possibly be Home’s most promising space yet, Buzz HQ will allow online visitors to take part in a 64-player virtual pub quiz, where contestants are placed in a room sectioned into four separate floor colours.

Like the Buzz controller itself, each colour represents a possible answer to the quizmaster’s questions, with players tasked to stand on the space that represents the correct answer before the timer runs out.

The mass of participants add a new element to the game; together they will collectively challenge the conformity and confidence of each other, in a kind of light-hearted Asch Paradigm demonstration.

Winners of the game will receive “exclusive” Home prizes, and SCEE has already emphasised the potential the game has to generate a fun social experience. No release date beyond “very soon” was issued.