BuzzFeed's $50m funding for casual games

Viral content site expansion adds games to its strategy
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Viral content site expansion adds games to its strategy

We've all perused BuzzFeed for its lists of obscure celebrity facts, amusing GIFs and 'XX reasons why…' lists, but soon the site could be offering casual games as well.

The viral content website has announced it is forming a team of developers that will create new titles specifically for the site, according to VentureBeat.

BuzzFeed's VP of product Chris Johanesen said the company wants people not to just consume media through the site but engage with it as well, likening casual games to the success seen by BuzzFeed's quizzes.

The investment in casual games development comes from the $50m round of funding BuzzFeed recently closed, which will be used on new strategies that will keep people returning to the site. 

The company has also suggested this funding could be used to create new video content and build a news organisation that provides important content as well as viral lists of factoids.

Johanesen has said the new development team is unlikely to create anything like Grand Theft Auto, instead focusing on more accessible, casual titles. Casual games functionality could also be integrated into the site's advertising.