Camouflaj releases Republique Remastered assets on Unity Store

Devs can now explore how episodic stealth game makes the most of Unity 5
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republique remastered-1.png

Independent developer Camouflaj has released a tech demo for Republique Remastered on the Unity Asset Store.

The new package, which is available to download for free, allows Unity 5 developers to analyse and experiment with the game’s assets in order to better understand the new engine’s latest features.

Unity 5 was released last month at GDC, but Republique Remastered was released on PC a week earlier: the first commercial game to show of the new engine’s capabilities.

We previously spoke to Camouflaj founder Ryan Payton about the shift from Unity 4 to 5.

The tech demo contains animations, art and environmental assets, and a boatload of physically-based rendering maps.

You can download the Republique Tech Demo at the Unity Asset Store.

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