Can haptic devices serve games design better than a mouse?

Special guide to the peculiar-looking but innovative devices available to artists, designers and gamers
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Sure, the GlaDOS-looking device pictured above might look more suited to something like keyhole surgery rather than games development, but haptic devices - which supply physical feedback and differing input solutions - are fast becoming a viable option for gamers and games developers, specifically artists.

Certainly much of this is due to the uptake of the NIntendo Wii, but there's also a professional crossover as well, where new devices provide new input methods for desgin. Although some may scoff and say nothing will beat the standard keyboard and mouse or gamepad - in either professional or consumer circumstances - this is a growth area.

We've put together a guide to the various products in this field that are out there, detailing their background, supported applications - and even some pictures of the odd-ball contraptions. Click here to read more.



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