Canabalt developer opens new indie studio Finji

Austin outfit working on tactical survival game Overland
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Austin outfit working on tactical survival game Overland
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Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman and wife and developer Rebekah Saltsman have formed new indie studio Finji in Austin, Texas.

The duo are currently working with Shay Pierce from Deep Plaid Games on turn-based tactical survival game Overland. Finji will also be helping distribute adventure game Night in the Woods on desktop and mobile.

The studio is funded by its two founders from money earnt during its work done on titles including Fez, Gravity Hook and The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire. It does not currently have any plans to find outside investment or take to crowdfunding.

"For almost ten years we have been saving and scraping and learning and trying new things (and gotten some insanely lucky opportunities along the way) and having a few spectacular failures (and lots of little ones), all with the ultimate goal of getting to do exactly this: collaborate with who we want, when we want, on the games we love," said Adam Saltsman.