Canadian studios working on Sons of Anarchy game

Episodic game The Prospect will continue storyline of popular US drama
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TV series Sons of Anarchy may be coming to an end this week, but two Canadian studios will keep it alive in video game form next year.

Developers Orpheus and Silverback Games are currently working on Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect, an episodic game that will continue the plot of the show on mobile devices, according to Polygon

Orpheus won the rights to make a game based on Sons of Anarchy back in 2013.

The two studios say that the title will be based around a new location and new storylines involving the series' motorcycle club. Fans can expect to "experience the treachery, graphic action, intrigue and life-and-death decision-making they have come to anticipate from the show".

The title is expected to be a high-end tablet game, and is due for release in early 2015.