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Capcom looking to expand in-house engine

New platforms and functionality for MT Framework
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Japanese software giant Capcom is planning to expand its in-house multi-platform engine, the MT Framework.

The MT Framework, which currently supports Xbox 360, PS3 and PC development, was used on Dead Rising and Lost Planet and powers the forthcoming Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 5.

A recruitment ad at the Capcom site details plans for the engine, now dubbed the MT Framework Next Generation, which includes expansion of supported platforms and the development of an AI framework as well as expected performance enhancements.

Most interesting of the desired features, however, is the development of Capcom’s own physics system to replace the Havok middleware that it currently uses.

Explaining the decision, the page states that “Although middleware might increase efficiency, language discrepancies, response times for support/bugs and the loss of understanding on how our entire engine is structured leads us to feel that we get better results in a shorter period by developing our own engine.”



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