Capcom pays tribute to GRIN

The publisher is confident the Andersson brothers will find their feet
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Capcom has told Develop that the publisher was “shocked and upset” to hear that its recent partner GRIN has closed its doors.

“We got to know the team very well,” said Capcom PR director Ben Le Rougetel.

“They always struck us as a very committed group of people; they were very helpful with us.”

Capcom was the publisher of GRIN’s penultimate game, Bionic Commando, before the developer shut down completely.

“We were shocked to see that the whole company had closed down,” Le Rougetel added. “It’s upsetting to see a studio have to close.”

Le Rougetel hopes the Andersson brothers, and indeed GRIN’s ex workforce, find new opportunities in the games industry.

“The Nordic region remains a thriving community, so I’m sure they’ll pick themselves up again,” he added.