Carmack expects little from new motion controllers

â??Great technology doesnâ??t help a game thatâ??s not built around that technologyâ?
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id co-founder John Carmack has doubted the impact of Microsoft and Sony’s motion-control add-ons, stating he “doesn’t expect much” from either.

Instead, Carmack is interested to see “what’s built into next-gen machines”, as he questions the merit of adding motion-control peripherals onto consoles that were not initially built for them.

“I do believe that changes in I/O devices are going to make the biggest changes in gaming experiences going forwards,” he said in an interview with Variety.

“However, most of these I/O devices do not add much value for games that are not explicitly designed for them. It has to be something like the Wii.

“Great technology doesn’t help a game that’s not built around that technology,” he said. “FPS games are part of a fairly evolved genre that isn’t going to benefit from these.”